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Tenacity (noun)

The determination to continue what you are doing

When we were thinking of what to call ourselves, we took inspiration from Founders. The ones that never back down. Or give up. The ones that run through a brick wall. And keep going on and on, rain or shine, come what may. Go to sleep exhausted, to get up and fight again the next day. And so we decided to call ourselves Tenacity Ventures, for the one trait every Founder has in abundance.

And guess what? To back such Founders we need to have Tenacity too.

Why you should
partner with us

  • We have unique experience

    We have seen both sides of the table - from the view of Founders as well as investors

  • We are patient

    Our capital is designed to support Founders for the long term, and through their ups and downs

  • We are flexible

    While we focus on early growth, we have flexibility to invest across stages; We try to focus on the right things vs get caught up in minutiae

  • We have Tenacity

    We try to embody our name in everything we do, because Tenacity is the most important trait in our Founders too

Many of our LPs are founders and key executives of amazing companies themselves

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