Managing Director

Rohit is the Managing Director of Tenacity Ventures and has over 20 years of experience in operating, investing and consulting with companies of all size. 

Prior to co-founding Tenacity, Rohit wore many hats as a Chief Business Officer at Clear (formerly ClearTax). Rohit helped the company achieve 10x scale across various business verticals, geographies and products, while improving capital efficiency and quality of teams. Before Clear, Rohit spent a number of years investing at ICICI Venture and Gaja Capital. As an investor, Rohit likes to roll up the sleeves and help founders create the right strategy that will yield true value, help design sound business plans and inspire the teams to achieve those with customer satisfaction as the centerpiece. Before his investing career, Rohit worked on several M&A, marketing and operations assignments at McKinsey & Co. Rohit also worked at Abbott Laboratories, where he worked on shop floor and supply chains.

Rohit has an MBA from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, an MS from NC State, and B. Tech from NIT Trichy.

Areas of interest: Cross border B2B, SaaS (horizontal or vertical), FinTech


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